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Civil Rights are the rights insured by the United States Constitution which protect people from unfair treatment in all aspects of society – employment, housing, education, prison systems, and legal. These rights include the right to be free from unlawful detention, false arrests, false imprisonment, police brutality, excessive force, malicious prosecution, discrimination, racial profiling, harassment, and the right to due process.

The Norman Law Firm prides itself in being different. Our top notch attorneys are experienced and dedicated to upholding the United States Constitution. Unlike other firms, our knowledge base evolves from experience not only in the legal field, but also in the private business and government sectors in Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Our goal is always to provide superior service and results to our clients, but only if they truly need our services. During our Free Consultations, we will honestly analyze the pros and cons of your situation and determine if hiring an attorney is in your best interest, even if said attorney isn’t one of ours. If we decide that it isn’t, we will explain why, and offer our advice as to your next step.

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