Police Brutality

Police Brutality is a very serious offense that unfortunately happens way too often. A police officer’s use of force must be reasonable – bottom line. Not only does police brutality harm the victim, but it undermines the very foundation of the United States Constitution, and intensifies a usually already stressful relationship between Police and the community.

In the worst cases, police brutality can cause serious injury or death. All too often, victims of police brutality stay quiet, and the violators are not punished or held responsible. Do not let the police take away your civil rights. The Washington DC Civil Rights Attorneys at The Norman Law Firm are confident and experienced when it comes to civil rights and police brutality lawsuits. The Norman Law Firm ensures that the Courts consider all of the circumstances when determining whether an officer of the law has been too aggressive and has crossed the line between duty and abuse.

Police Brutality can come in many forms, including punching or kicking, unreasonable or unnecessary use of a weapon such as a taser or stun gun, baton, or firearm, or otherwise harming an individual who is sufficiently detained or poses no threat.

Police Brutality also includes physically asserting control over an individual through the use of force when there is no probable cause to do so. When deciding if the accusations are justified, the Courts consider the severity of the alleged crime, whether there was any resistance, and whether there was a threat to the officers involved.

DC Police Brutality

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Of course, using force to subdue suspects is part of a police officer’s everyday duty. However, too often, in the heat of a chase, or due to lack of proper training and experience, an officer will use extreme force when there is no reason to do so – sometimes seriously injuring someone in the process. We do not take these cases lightly, and we will help you get the compensation you deserve.

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